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Bernardo Peruta

BERNARDO PERUTA was born in Bergamo in 1973, from an early age he showed an innate passion for art that led him to attend the Castellini School of Plastic Arts in Como.

In 1997 he attended the studio of an established portraitist, where he studied in deep the technique of oil painting and perfected an impeccable stylistic ability, which today we can find in his artworks. From 2004 to 2006 he moved to Nice, where he opened his own studio and exhibited his artworks for the first time in a personal exhibition. Since 2007 he has been invited to exhibit in personal and group exhibitions in Belgium, France, Germany and in the United States.

According to Peruta, the real world is full of nuances: language, images and events can be changeable. His artistic philosophy embraces the use of a unique combination of modern materials and traditional painting technique making his art both innovative and classic at the same time. Micro-perforated panels on which he paints with shades of color, creating a unique and immediately recognizable stylistic trait.

This particular technique allows Peruta to space out the surveys of light and shadow, which he brings to multiple levels, creating an unusual optical effect, determining an indefinite space, the only place where reality can perhaps be understood. The chromatic contrasts play an important role in Peruta’s artistic conception, creating a dynamic effect that enables the observer to approach the artwork from different points of view, a concept that Peruta also embraces on a metaphorical level, where reality cannot be outlined in a simple frame, but changes according to the point of view from which it is approached.

In his artworks there is a suffused air that involves the entire scene, the images are never static, there is depth, allusions, the space is charged and incisive, suspended in intense and dreamlike moments, legible in the faces of his figures. Iridescent figures, who in a relativist vision, are changing from various points of view. The intimate reading of the artwork emerges through various elements that make up the figures, such as the glazes or the decomposition of some details, the reverberations that interrupt the detail, which aim to grasp the essence beyond the representation.


Bernardo Peruta’s art challenges our perception of reality in an age in which the distinction between real and virtual becomes increasingly relative. Currently the artist lives and works in Bergamo where he continues his research.


Civico Museo Parisi Valle Maccagno (VA) Museo d’Arte Contemporanea FLM Banari (SS)

Hanno scritto di lui: Claudio Rizzi, Elisa Motta, Gianni Barachetti, D. Lino Lazzari, Enrica Pasqua.


2022 “Spazio Golino” – Liegi – Belgio

2018 “BIM Banca Intermobiliare ” – Bergamo

2017 “Franca Pezzoli Arte Contemporanea” – Clusone – Bergamo

2015 ”Franca Pezzoli Arte Contemporanea” – Clusone – Bergamo

2013 ”Franca Pezzoli Arte Contemporanea” – Clusone – Bergamo

2012 “Expotempo Knokke Heist” – Belgio

2012 ”Gallerie l’Art e le Matière” – Nice – Francia

2011 ”Franca Pezzoli Arte Contemporanea” – Clusone – Bergamo

2010 “Torre Civica” – Mapello – Bergamo

2009 “New Artemisia Gallery” – Bergamo

2007 “Torretta Civica” – Sarnico – Bergamo

2006 “Itars Atelier” – Nizza – Francia

2004 “Itars Atelier” – Nizza – Francia

2023 “Expo Art” – New York – US

2022 “Arte Padova” – Zanini Arte – Padova

2021 Galleria “Franca Pezzoli Arte Contemporanea” – Clusone – Bergamo

2018 “Gallerie Charlier Benoit” – Battice – Belgio

2017 “Chàteau Oupeye”- Liegi – Belgio

2016 “Spazio Golino Durbuy” – Belgio

2016 “Passage Lemonnier” – Liegi – Belgio

2015 “Galerie Papillon” – 0stende

2013 “Civico Museo Parisi Valle” – Varese

2012 “Museo d’Arte Contemporanea FLM” – Banari (SS)

2012 “Expotempo Knokke Heist” – Belgio

2011 “Infantellina Contemporary – Berlino

2010 “Basilica S.Martino” – Alzano Lombardo – Bergamo

2009 “Palazzo Montecitorio” – Roma

2009 “Museum Tony Merz” – Brianchon – Francia.

2009 “Palais d’Iena” – Parigi – Francia

2008 “Cagnes Sur Mer” – Nizza – Francia

2008 “Centro Arte Contemporanea” – Briancon – Francia

VERA,Quodlibet, 2021;

Roma Nuda, Miniera, 2020.

2008 “Galerie La Potele” – Rochefant – Belgio

2007 “Galerie “Itars” – Nizza – Francia

2007 “Art Museum” – Sasbach – Germania

2006 “Arte Fiera” – Nizza – Francia

2005 “Gallerie Le Prado” – Liege – Belgio

2004 “Palazzo Berlendis” – Bolgare – Bergamo

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