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Coquelicot Mafille

Born in Paris, in 1975, Coquelicot Mafille grew up surrounded by canvases, fabrics, colors and the lively multicultural streets of Montmartre. Her father, a painter and her mother, a stylist, transmit a profound passion for the arts in all its forms. Embroidery is the one that sticks with the artist, soon becoming her distinctive trait. Threads that the artist sews on canvases and sketches on walls, creating a rather unique approach to painting. 

Fabrics, paper, photographs, walls and windows, Mafille embraces all media with her delicate touch. She narrates stories through the dynamic interaction of painting, sewing, and spelling elements. A narrative that, even when depicted on huge walls and urban structures across Europe, remains as delicate as a silk thread, that moves through the streets like a melody and communicates with the viewer as in poetry. 

Mafille speaks about nature and the nature of human relations, with an inclusive, multicultural perspective that seems able to slow down and even pause the passing of time. The artist shows us a world made up of colors and small gestures, that instantly transmits a blissful calmness. 

Coquelicot Mafille has exposed her art across the world, and has collaborated with global brands like Gucci.


2023 Roma Altrove Roma Altrui, LDG Patrimoine, Rome

2021 Open Studio, studio temporaneo : restitution publique, Milan.

2019 Lectures, Walden Café, Milan.

2018 Due Respiri, Un passo, double solo show, Eroici Furori, Milan.

2017 Richiami, Archimania, Sanremo.

2016 Encyclopédique, Sibilla Arte, Carassai, AP.

2016 Bamiyan Mon Amour, Caffè Internazionale, curated by Stefania Calegati Shines, Palermo.

2012 Traces, Chantiers de la Lune, Seyne sur mer.

2008 Felice di Conoscerti, Associazione Marinai, Alghero, curated by Mariolina Cosseddu.

2021 500, curated by Silvia Agliotti, Gli Eroici Furori, Milano

2021 L’Expo des 150, curated by Ambra Pelletiier, Villa Radet, Paris.

2020 Viva La Vulva, curated by Laura Brignoli for Essity Italia, Milano.

2019 Beyond Language, Istanbul, curators Benedetta Casagrande and Lara Ozdogan.

2018 Scoprire l’opera, Eroici Furori, Milan.

2018 Appunti sull’universo, curated by Mariolina Cosseddu, Molineddu (SS).

2017 Trascendenze Bocs8, Roma Art Week, Roma.

2017 Chinatown Biennale, Galleria Davide Gallo, Milan.

2017 Festival Vegetal Import, sound and video performance, Milan.

2017 Around Sensuality, Studi Festival, Milan.

2016 Kunsthalle Palermo, Caffè Internazionale, Palermo.

2016 TheOthersArtFair, Turin, Caffè Internazionale, Palermo.

2016 ArtVerona, i7 independent space, Verona, Caffè Internazionale.

2016 Group Show Prix Suzzara

2016 Street Art Expo, Memorie Urbane. Gaeta (LT),

2016 Intragallery, Naples, curated by Alberto Dambruoso.

2016 Vis à Vis, curated by RainLab, Galerie Institut Français Milan.

2015 TRI-BU’ , with Vincent brédif and Pietro Sganzerla, BeatTricks gallery, Milan.

2015 Studi# : Wind Blossom Arrow, Milan.

2013 Linee Guida e Armoniche, Galleria Francesco Zanuso, Milan.

2011 Hybrid Maps curated by Mariolina Cosseddu, PAV, Berchidda Jazz Festival, Berchidda (NU).

2010 Mosaiques, curated by Jacqueline Herrero, Les chantiers de la lune, Seyne s/mur

2023, Via Padova Milano, installazione di poster art di 60 metri

2021 Progetto Corba, Milano, curated by Stradedarts.

2021 Canta nel vento, embroidered wall, Geraci Siculo (PA).

2021 Sperlonga Electric Cabin, in collaboration with Enel and Sky Arte produced by Claudio Parolini.

2021 Embroidered Glass Window, tape on glass for Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, Milano.

2021 Sogno Lontano, Quattordio festival curated by Stradedarts.

2021 Luce che danza, painted water tank, La Consorte Vineyard, Ventimiglia, IT.

2020 Elargiamo Ali, embroidery on wall, @blood.artists project, Avis center in Cagliari, curated by Stradedarts.

2019 La Danseuse, painted wall for Sos Donna with Distretto A, Faenza.

2019 Stickers embroidered installation, Fluctuart, Paris.

2018 Embroidered wall, école42, Paris.

2018 Frammento/Unità, Cheap Festival, Bologna.

2017 Outdoor wall at Parco Urbano Villa Olivia, Castellammare del Golfo, TP, Sicily.

2017 Four embroidered outdoor walls at Alliance Française, Safi, Morocco.

2016 Embroidery on wall, Memorie Urbane, Fondi (LT), street art festival.

2015 Wall n°190, LE MUR, rue Oberkampf, Paris

2015 Milan’s Hippodrome, Street Players 2015, Stradedarts.

2015 Personal project about natural farming pioneers, Cascina Cuccagna, Milan.

2015 Embroidered urban walls, I-ART, Santa Ninfa, TP.

2006 Talk to the city, Careof, Comune di Milano, curated by Chiara Agnello.

2021 Madonie Urban Art, Sicily, Italy.

2019 59Rivoli, Paris, France.

2015 Cosenza BoCS Art Residency, curated by Alberto Dambruoso.

2015 I-art, Progetto I-Art, Santa Ninfa, Sicily.

2013 Villa Mais d’ici, Aubervilliers, (FR).

2012 Chantiers de la Lune, Seyne sur mer, (FR)

2020 Intimi Riverberi, workshop at Festival Scarabocchi by Circolo dei Lettori, Novara, Italy.

2018/2020, Unprepared Hearts, is developed with the support of Creative Europe and it’s a project that aims to bring a lightful gaze on sentimental education for teens (9/13 years) through artist’s workshop in partnership with MUBA, children museum of Milan, IT, Sladovna, Pisek, CZ and Asso. DaDeCe, Bucarest, RO. I conceive and lead the workshop called Embroidered Feelings.

2018 Embroidered Portraits with Santa Maria School, Carate Brianza, (MI).

2018 Embroidery on glass, workshop with the medina children at Macaal, Musée d’Art Contemporain Africain Al Maaden, Marrakech, Maroc.

2016 Embroidered Portraits, with Borgo Vecchio Children, Palermo, collaboration with Borgo Vecchio Factory, Asso. Per Esempio and Università di Palermo.

2015 ‘MINOTAURO’ psychotherapy centre, Istituto dei codici affettivi, Milan. Embroidery on photos realised by adolescents and young adults (17/22 years).

2015 Embroidered Portraits, MUBA, Children Museum Milan, sponsor Kinder.

2012 Embroidery in Contemporary Art, workshop with Paul Éluard highschool teenagers , Seine sur Mer (Toulon).

2021 I Leoni dell’Arsenale with Fallani Venezia, Venezia.

2020 Autoprogettazione, Galleria Milano.

2019/20 Be Kind ReWIND, featured for Painted Loud Speakers, a project by Maurice Dotta.

2018 Works for commission for Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori

2017 Sound and video Performance for Festival Vegetal Import, Milano.

2016 Slam Poetry Festival, poetry, voice, on video “Il n’y a pas de guerre à mon ciel pas d’enfer à ma terre”, Cox 18, Milan.

2016 Message to Man Festival, Saint Petersburg (RU) with the experimental video “ Il n’y a pas de guerre à mon ciel pas d’enfer à ma terre”, in collaboration with Vespertine Henne.

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