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Dario Tironi

DARIO TIRONI was born in Bergamo in 1980. After graduating in sculpture in 2006 at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan), he took part in two active associations, in the promotion of emerging artists and in the creation of events in collaboration with other realities. He has won numerous international art awards and is undoubtedly one of the most successful Italian sculptors. 

For his artistic research he takes inspiration from the different aspects of daily life, mainly using plastic components, but also other “wasted” elements that have an intrinsic value and meaning, to reconstruct human bodies in the midst of the consumerist era. A practice that combines the theme of recycling and ecology with art, which creates its history starting from Duchamp’s Ready-made and Dadaism, passing through Rauschemberg, Nouveau realisme, Arte Povera, up to installations ” Trash People” by Ha Schult. 

In his artistic practice Dario Tironi uses a multitude of heterogeneous materials, often taken from everyday life. Objects and waste materials, products of the “Plastic Age”: accessories, technological devices, toys and dolls, household appliances and ornaments, gadgets of all kinds and mass products, which describe our cultural identity, our aesthetic tastes, but also our futile desires and optional needs. It’s by using all these materials that the artist denounces the contrasts of contemporary society, which has incorporated the logic of consumerism, generating not only incredible quantities of waste, but by its very nature dividing global society, creating inequalities in a economic system where not everyone can have the same things. 

According to the artist, our existence also takes shape through what we consume and the objects we possess, which describe us, talk about us, our standard of living, our tastes, habits, and even if we have ethics as consumers or if we are easily conditioned by advertising and trends. “The object can become a status-symbol, a contemporary fetish that describes entire generations”. In the end, the desire for rebirth always emerges from these ruins, through an extreme attempt to harmonize all the fragments to give life to new forms and meanings that lead us to ask ourselves questions about the sustainability of human actions.

He has several group and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including “Open 13”, Venice – “Human constructions”, Priamar Fortress, Savona – “Impact 2. 0,” Museo Nazionale Atestino, Padua – “Monument to mankind,” Piazza del Duomo, Pietrasanta – “I sought harmony,” Vittoriale degli Italiani – “Superfuture,” MAD Museum, Singapore – “Figure furìturibili,” Luigi Cattaneo Collection, Ateneo di Bologna – “Contemporary transformations,” Duke contemporary, Bangkok – “The dialogue of opposites,” Reggia di Caserta – “Scrapart” Doha, Qatar – “Human nature,” Part Museum, Rimini – Vaf Prize, Kiel – “Valuable scrap, CSO Ankara. He has also collaborated in the realization of campaigns and awareness events related to environmental issues with various associations, public bodies and companies including Enel, Generali, Unipol, Havas, QC Terme. His works can be found in numerous public and private collections in Italy and abroad.


2023 – “IX PREMIO VAF”– group exhibition, Castello Estense Ferrara, organized by VAF Stiftung Foundation

2023 – “Memorie dal futuro” – Katja Loher e Dario Tironi,  Castello di Malcesine, curated by M. Pizzaiolo Art Consulting

2022 – “Digital meditation”– solo exhibition, Galleria Gare 82, Brescia

2022 – “Appropriation” – group exhibition, Museo Civico di Chioggia, Italy, curated by M. Vanzan

2022 – “Face our waste”– solo exhibition, Cannes Lions Festival of creativity, Cannes, France, in collaboration with Havas

2022 – “Valuable scrap”– group exhibition, Ankara, curated by Beste Gursu

2022 – “Aktuelle positionen italianischer kunst” IX Premio Fondazione VAF– group exhibition, StadtGalerie Kiel, Germany

2021 – “La rinascita”– group exhibition, Dap Art Park Milano, in collaboration with Unipol and Overart

2021 – “Nel respiro del mondo”– group exhibition, Bastione delle Maddalene, Verona, curated by M. Vanzan e M.L. Pappalardo

2021 – “Natura Umana” – group exhibition, Part- Rimini , curated By B. Buscaroli and D. Rondoni

2021 – “#Enelincircolo” – solo exhibition,  Milano, Padova, Verona, Bologna in collaboration with Enel 

2020 – “Wasteart” – group exhibition, Kunstlerhaus, Wien, Austria, curated by Ina Loitzl 

2020 – “Things” – solo exhibition, Domuxhome, Torre Galfa, Milano 

2019 – “Scrapart” – group exhibition, Doha, Qatar, curated di PEO Doha 

2019 – “Solo show” – solo exhibition, Gare 82 Gallery, Brescia

2019 – “The room” – group exhibition, Palazzo Cusani, Milano, curated by Manfredi Style 

2019 – “Anatomie di consumo” – solo exhibition, Simonbart Gallery, Bologna

2019 – “Il dialogo dei contrapposti” – group exhibition, Reggia di Caserta, curated by Vincenzo Morra

2018 – “Contemporary transformations” – group exhibition, Duke contemporary art space, Bangkok     

2018 – “Figure furìturibili” – solo exhibition, Collezione Luigi Cattaneo, curated by Simonbart, Ateneo di Bologna

2017 – “Superfuture” – group exhibition, MAD Museum of art and design, Singapore
2017 – “Ho cercato l’armonia” – permanent installation, Il Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone, curated by G. Bruno Guerri
2017 – “Dialogue 2” – group exhibition, Parco della Gherardesca, Four Seasons , Firenze
2017 – “Plastic Beauty” – solo exhibition, SimonBart Gallery, Porto Cervo, Poltu Quatu
2017 – “Oggetti rimediati” – solo exhibition, Azimut, Brescia

2016 – “Dalla terra al cielo”  – group exhibition, Polo Museale Gualdo Tadino, curated by C. Monacelli e F. Tommasi 

2016 – “Neuro art” – group exhibition, MLAC, Università La Sapienza, Roma, curated by Manuela Enna

2016 – “Monument to mankind” – solo exhibition, Piazza del Duomo, Pietrasanta, curated by Galleria Paoli

2015 – “ExpoArteContemporanea” – group exhibition, Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, Varedo, curated by F. Sacchi Tommasi 

2015 – “Contexto” – group exhibition, Comune di Edolo, curated by Paolo Sacchini

2015 – “Impatto 2.0” – group exhibition, Museo Nazionale Atestino, Padova, curated by Ilaria Magni and Lisa Celeghin

2014 – “Dialogue” –  group exhibition, Parco della Gherardesca, Four Seasons , Firenze

2014 – “Face to face” – group exhibition, Galerie Carré Doré, Montecarlo, Monaco

2013 – “Game of cultures” – solo exhibition, Galleria Angelica, Roma, curated by D. Del Moro

2013 – “2nd International From Waste To Art Exhibition” – group exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan

2013 – “Da cosa nasce cosa” – permanet installation, Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica Leonardo da Vinci, Milano  

2013 – “Arte in terapia, diagnosi d’artista”  – group exhibition,, Spoleto, curated by A. D’atanasio & N. Miele

2012 – “Mine, l’esplosione del sé” – group exhibition, Superground Art kichen, curated by Jacopo Perfetti

2012 – “Cultura + Legalità = Libertà” – L’arte contro le mafie,  group exhibition, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Roma

2012 – “New generation”  – group exhibition, Festival delle arti audio visive, Palazzo Pisani, Lonigo, curated by M. Vanzan

2011 – “Human constructions” – solo exhibition, Fortezza del Priamar, Savona, curated by Galleria Gagliardi
2011 – “Waste” – group exhibition, Palazzo Guidobono, Tortona (AL), curated by C. Cattaneo and P. Lesino

2011 – “Premio Arte laguna” – group exhibition, Tese dell’Arsenale di Venezia, curated by Igor Zanti
2011 – “Cultura + Legalità = Libertà”  – L’arte contro le mafie,  group exhibition, Museo delle Scienze Naturali, Torino

2011 – “IV Premio Fabbri per l’Arte 2011”  – Bologna, curated by Alberto Agazzani
2010 – “Premio Arte laguna” – special award, group exhibition, Tese dell’Arsenale di Venezia, curated by Igor Zanti
2010 – “Realtà oggettiva” – solo exhibition, Galleria Gagliardi, San Gimignano (SI), curated by Isabella Del guerra


2010 – “Open 13” – Esposizione Internazionale, group exhibition  Lido di Venezia, curated by P. DeGrandis
2010 – “Variazioni estetiche”- solo exhibition, Museo Civico Archeologico e della Collegiata Casole d’Elsa, (SI) 

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