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Luca di Luzio

LUCA DI LUZIO Born in Rome in 1986, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Rome. In 2013 he participated in two artistic residencies: “C.A.M.A.C” in Marnay sur Seine (France) and in Rotterdam at the “Hommes” gallery, and it is precisely at that time that the artist begins the geographical and geopictorial research that made Luca Di Luzio an unmistakable trace in the European artistic panorama.

In “Maps and Flags”, the first of these series, the artist maps a universe starting from shapes and colours, introducing the public into a parallel geographical system. The research continues in “Loka”, where the coexistence of different worlds and entities is represented with an Indo-Buddhist cosmology, with only a hint of the geographical language.

Since 2015 Di Luzio has been working on the “Atlas Ego Imago Mundi” project. Here the body becomes the advocate of the world itself, no longer a barrier between an inside and an outside, but the very matrix of the imaginary.

In the creation of his geographies, Di Luzio actively intervenes on the canvas, striking it with his body soaked in color and creating islands, archipelagos and continents alive with the chaotic harmony of nature. Composed of about forty maps and a real atlas, Atlas is a profound reflection on the centrality of the human body and its ambiguity. His works are a revelation at the intersection of experience of the world and belonging to it. Influenced by the philosophy of the Frenchman Maurice Merleau-Ponty, the body becomes creator: “The body is not a point of contact between a presumed interiority and exteriority, but a real matrix, through our body we create the world in every moment in which we are living”.

Another aspect of the map to which the artist highlights is its opening towards the indefinite, its continuity elsewhere and therefore in some way its incompleteness. Finally, parallels and meridians trace a real geographical system that takes the Vitruvian Man as a reference, allowing the organization of the maps in an atlas and bringing the imagined worlds back to the individual parts of the body used to create them.


“Atlas Ego Imago Mundi” is a structured, touching, refined work, the result of years of research at the intersection of painting, geography and philosophy.


Even “Lo Stato”, the latest series of works by Luca Di Luzio, uses color matrices in place of the brush. This time the aesthetic research starts from the shapes of the States themselves, of which stamps are created. These, in place of the brush, appear on the canvas in abstract compositions, alienating the State represented by its historical and political value, and reducing it precisely to its pure aesthetics, shapes and colours. These go to create abstract compositions on Japanese paper, making this series another elegant testimony of the artist’s decennial research.


Luca di Luzio has exhibited both in Italy and abroad, participating in numerous international art fairs. In 2021 he won the Utopia Special Prize, Talent Prize 2021 and in 2022 he was a finalist in the Cairo Prize, an important national recognition, which every year includes the most promising emerging Italian artists.


2023 Viaggio Analogo, Libreria Cascianelli, Roma.

2022 Borders, a cura di G.Lopriore, Galleria D’Arte Ventoblu, Polignano a Mare.

2021 Geopittura, a cura di M.Tonelli, Galleria Russo, Roma.

2019 Antropografia, a cura di G. Giambrone, Fondamenta Gallery, Roma.

2017 Atlas Ego Imago Mundi, a cura di A. Cestelli Guidi, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma. 

2017 Nuove Ricerche, Galleria Russo, Roma.

2017 From Rome, Great Far Beyond, Philadelphia (U.S.A ).2011 Cronaca Gialla, a cura di T. Musi, La Porta Blu Gallery, Roma


2022 Premio Cairo, Palazzo Reale, Milano.
2019 AlbumArte 20 x 20, a cura di C.L.Pisano, AlbumArte, Roma.
2019 ArtVerona, Galleria Russo, Verona.
2019 Istanbul, a cura di C. Vilches, Galleria Russo, Roma.
2018 ArtVerona, Galleria Russo, Verona.
2018 Ieri, Oggi, Domani, Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati
2018 Artefiera, Galleria Russo, Bologna.
2018 ADA Your Art and Design Advisor, a cura di P. Lauro, Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Roma. 2017 Masters Salon Painting, Royal Academy of Antwerp, Antwerp (BE).
2017 ArtVerona, Galleria Russo, Verona.
2016 Sublimina, a cura del collettivo curatoriale LUISS, Museo delle Mura, Roma.
2016 16:13, MACRO, Roma.
2016 Labirinto Labirynt, The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wroclaw (POL) 2016 Any given book, White Noise Gallery, Roma.
2016 Oltre i libri, Biblioteca Angelica, Roma.
2016 Declinazione magnetica, White Noise Gallery, Set Up Art Fair, Bologna.
2015 Any given post-it, White Noise Gallery, Roma.
2013 Maps and Flags, CK12 A.I.R. Open Studio, Rotterdam (PB).
2013 C.A.M.A.C Open Studio, C.A.M.A.C, Marnay sur Seine (FR).
2010 Start Point, Istituto degli Innocenti, Firenze / Florence

2022 Finalista Premio Cairo.
2021 Premio Speciale Utopia, Talent Prize 2021.
2013 Hommes CK12 Artist in Residence, Rotterdam (PB). 2013 C.A.M.A.C, Marnay sur Seine (FR).
2010 Summer Art, California State University, Fresno (U.S.A)

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