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Paolo Ceribelli

PAOLO CERIBELLI (1978) lives and works in Milan. After experimenting with different painting techniques in a constant search between aesthetics and meaning, he develops the cycle “Soldiers”,  a three-dimensional collage of plastic soldiers. 

“The turning point in my artistic career happened in 2006 when I discovered the plastic toy soldiers, as I always played with them as a child I was immediately struck by their intrinsic meaning. The first question I asked myself is why children play with an object that represents war. I try to break down the boundaries that exist between the form and its conceptual content with the idea of dignifying the soldier through its reuse” – Paolo Ceribelli. 

His artworks are plastic, three-dimensional and can go beyond the classic frontal fruition to be lived from multiple points of view; these are able to acquire a kinetic and strongly pictorial value, expressive of a wise management of colour, shadows, fullness, emptiness and their interaction. Although the final result is obtained through a mechanical and mathematical process, performed by the artist that carefully pastes one element after another on the canvas, what transpires from his works is a harmonious set of shapes and colours, that goes beyond the scientific nature of its construction. 

By trying to give dignity to these plastic objects, Ceribelli makes them eternal, taking away from them their conventional meaning and their common interpretation. By placing the soldiers in circles, spirals and ranks, forming geographical maps or recreating màndala, the artist reaffirms the geohistorical presence of the idea of war, creating a link between children’s games and the real conflicts that afflict our planet every day. 

In 2016 the artist creates the urban installation “Barricades”, which lays the foundations for a new expressive cycle, in which the anti-tank barricade becomes a symbolic element, a sign of a limit, not only applied in the battlefield, but a barrier for each of us, both physical and metaphysical. In this case what is investigated is the concept of limit; through the use of anti-tank barricades and colour Ceribelli is able to establish a new dialogue with the viewer. 

The artist has exhibited his works in exhibitions, museums and international galleries including “Museo della Permanente” – Milano, “Museo dell’Archivio di Stato” – Roma, “Logitech Art Project” – Los Angeles, “Palazzo Te” – Mantova, “Italcementi Art Project” – Bergamo, “Apart International Contemporary Art Festival” – Alpilles Provence, “VIII Biennale di Soncino” – Cremona, “Fondazione Lumar” – Bruxelles, Castello Visconteo – Musei civici di Pavia.


2023_Milano, Unafair, Manuel Zoia Gallery.

2023_Parigi, Salon international d’art contemporaine, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2023_Bologna, Booming art show, Manuel Zoia Gallery.

2023_Bruxelles ,AAF, Artunity Gallery.

2022_Pavia, Castello Visconteo, Barricades Installation, curated by Simone sacchi.

2022_Roma, Arte in Nuvola, Saraceno Artgallery.

2022_Padova, ArtePadova, Galleria Studio Rossetti.

2022_ Genova, Arte Genova, Galleria Studio Rossetti.

2022_Milano, Unfair, Manuel Zoia Gallery.

2022_ Bruxelles, AAF, Artunity Gallery.

2022_Roma, Contaminations Group Show, Saraceno Artgallery curated by Marilena Saraceno.

2022_London, AAF, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2021_ Roma, Solo Show (Aspettando che tutto torni…), saracenoArtgallery curated by Marilena Saraceno.

2021_Miami, Context Art fair, Monshareart New York.

2021_Knokke le Zoute, Group Show, Art Unity Gallery.

2021_Parigi, Contemporary art fair, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2021_Losanna, Art Fair, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2021_Amburgo, AAF, Galerie Virginie Barrou PLanquart.

2020_Milano, Unknown Soldier, Finalist, Mellone ArtPrize, Dario Mellone Foundation.

2020_Genova, Solo Show “Mindset”, StudioRossetti Artecontemporanea curated by Annalisa Ramos and Elisabetta Rossetti.

2020_Parigi, Contenporary Art Show, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2020_Madrid, Urvanity Art Fair, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2020_ Londra, AAF Galerie virginie Barrou Planquart.

2019_Miami Context Art, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2019_Milano_Solo Show “Paolo Ceribelli”, Permanent collection Bene Insurance, curated by Andrea Sabia.

2019_Bruxelles, AAF, Artunity Gallery.

2019_New York, AAF Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2019_Londra, AAF Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2019_Parigi, Contemporary Art Show, Galerie virginie Barrou Planquart.

2018_Bruxelles, Barricades Installation, Private Fundation, curated by Pa&Pa Arte.

2018_Honk Hong, AAF, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2018_Milano, 25/28, Group show, Glauco cavaciuti Arte.

2018_Genova, Arte Genova, Galleria Studio Rossetti.

2018_Brescia, Phospenes, Percapita artecontempornea.

2018_New York, AAf, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2018_Bruxelles, AAf, Artunity Gallery.

2018_Lille, ArtUp Lille, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2017_Torino, Paratissima Festival, Barricades Installation, curated by Francesca Canfora.

2017_Milano, Solo Show “Limit is a mindset”, Pa&Pa Arte, curated by Cristina Trivellin.

2017_Londra, AAF Hampsted, Art Unity Gallery.

2017_Basilea, Scope Basel, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2017_Parma, Parma 360° Festival, Barricades Installation, curated by Chiara Canali and Camilla Mineo.

2017_Bruxelles, Barricades Installation, Private Fundation, curated by Jonathan Jossart and William Hoek.

2016_Parigi, Solo Show “Tutto Torna…”, Galerie Barrou Planquart, curated by Virginie Planquart.

2016_Miami, Scope Miami Beach, Gallerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2016_Como, Streetscape 5 Street and urban art festival, Barricades Installation, curated by Chiara Canali and Ivan Quaroni.

2016_New York, Art Southampton, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2016_Basilea, Scope Basel, Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2016_Knokke le Zoute, Belgio, Art Unity Gallery.

2015_Knokke le Zoute, Belgio, Art Unity Gallery, “Op”, curated by William Hoek e Jonathan Jossart.

2015_Padova, Solo Show “Tutto torna…”_Nodo Gallery e Ars-now Seragiotto, curated by Mauro Casotto.

2015_Miami, Scope Miami Beach, Gallerie Virginie Barrou Planquart.

2015_Torino, Paratissima, Useless Army, curated by Francesca Canfora.

2015_Bruxelles, Solo Show “Paolo Ceribelli”, B19 and Art Unity Gallery, curated by John Alexander Bogaerts.

2015_Todi, Palazzo morelli Fine art, Vedo nero, curated by Eufemia Voto.

2015_Cremona, VIII Biennale di Soncino, Nuovicodici, curated by Chiara Canali.

2014_Principato di Monaco, Y.A., curated by Paola Magni.

2014_Les Baux De Provence, France, A-part Festival international d’art contemporain, curated by Leïla Voigth.

2013_Principato di Monaco, Solo Show “Circles”, Yacht Club, curated by Paola Magni and Thomas De Brouwer.

2013_Bergamo, Italcementi Art_Project, Italcementi permanet Collection, curated by Pa&Pa Arte.

2013_Mantova, Palazzo Te, Orientalmente_Mantegna Cercasi, curated by Alberto Mattia Martini.

2013_Losanna, Leo Burnett, The open gate session, curated by Giovanni Busacca.

2013_Los Angeles, Logitech Art_Project, Logitech permanent collection, curated by Simone Sacchi and Braken Darrel.

2012_Principato di Monaco, Solo Show “Paolo Ceribelli”,_Asset Management,

curated by Karin Torriani.

2012_Todi, Palazzo Morelli Fine Art, A little les conversation a little more action Please, curated by Eufemia Voto.

2011_Bruxelles, Solo Show “Soldiers”, In_Store Gallery, curated by William Hoek and Frédérique Pauporté.

2011_Roma, Museo degli Archivi di stato, La macchina dello stato, curated by Enrica Melossi.

2010_Milano, Solo Show “Toy soldiers Era”, Glauco Cavaciuti Arte, curated by Chiara Canali.

2010_Parigi, Galerie 208, Pop/Comics/World, curated by Patricia Chicheportiche.

2010_Torino, La Contemporanea Art Gallery, The Skull, curated by Nicoletta Pecile.

2010_Parigi, Galerie 208, Designers + Artists, curated by Patricia Chicheportiche.

2009_Milano, Solo Show “Take me Home”, Galleria San Lorenzo, curated by Cristina Trivellin.

2009_Brescia, Breakfast at Arteingenua, curated by Anna Leopaldo.

2008_Artimino, Florence, Group Show, Galleria San Lorenzo.

2008_Milano, Galleria Guido Iemmi, Atto Primo/Atto secondo, curated by Ilaria Bignotti.

2008_Brescia, Grande e Piccolo Miglio del Castello, Finalist, Arteingenua Prize, curated by Ilaria Bignotti and Anna Leopaldo.


2007_Artimino, Florence, Group show, Galleria San Lorenzo, curated by Donato Muschio Schiavone.

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