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Sebastiano Bottaro

SEBASTIANO BOTTARO was born in 1993 in Noto, Sicily. He used to live in Palazzolo Acreide until he was 20 years old, a small village in the province of Syracuse, and then graduate from the town’s art school. The young artist decides to move to Rome, where he still lives and works and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2020 he founded Spaziomensa, an artist run space, as well in Rome.

His artistic research, strongly influenced by poetry, philosophy and science, are focused on the themes of being and time in relation to the perception of one’s expressive possibilities in the different languages ​​that express different forms and intentions. In his works, the sign plays a central role, protagonist of space and form, which is obsessively repeated as a symbol and a means to create friction at the same time.

The Sign and the Time are the two main elements in which the enormous research work is enclosed. Our existence is enclosed in a “time frame“, i.e. life itself, therefore the possibility of marking time is limited by the same “time frame“.

The study of time fascinated the young artist, who deepened his studies thanks to readings such as “The Order of Time” by the physicist Prof. Carlo Rovelli, from which the artist takes great inspiration. Time as a reason for research and interest is also found in philosophy, where thoughts on time and being try to dislocate on a theme that is as utopian as it is pragmatic.

The artist finds a way to give a sort of timelessness to the gesture which becomes such in its execution, and he does it through parallelepipeds. These are the result of his reflections regarding spatial metaphors, they are raised on several levels precisely to give a reference to the concept of “above and below”, forming their right balance.

When the painting takes shape in practice, it is expressed with the reverberations of never lived memories, invented memories, dreams without dreams, which give life to a brand new series of paintings. In these paintings, the color blue, and its nuances, they give shape to a surrealist background, the expression of a new neo-figurative pictorial current, for which it is mentioned in 2022 by the prestigious magazine Exhibartlab in the “Roma Pittura Emergente Oggi”, as one of the emerging artists to keep an eye on.


Roma Pittura Emergente Oggi, a cura di Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, Twentyone Gallery (Treviso 2022);

Materia Nova, a cura di Massimo Mininni, Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Roma (Roma 2021);

Finestre Taverna, Spazio Taverna (Roma 2021);

Co-atto (Milano 2021);

Looper, Spaziomensa (Roma 2020);

Group Show, Spaziomensa (Roma 2020);

VRE – Virtuality Reality, Videocittà (Roma, 2019);

Time to Kill Today, Franktaalgallery (Rotterdam, 2019);

Time to Kill Today, NIObasement (Rotterdam, 2019);

Comunione, con Cesare Pietroiusti, Angelo Mai (Roma, 2018).

Roma Pittura Emergente Oggi, Exibartlab, 2022. 

VERA,Quodlibet, 2021;

Roma Nuda, Miniera, 2020.

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